Friday, 6 November 2009

Oooooh! Aaaaaaah!

It's not what you think!

Remember, remember, last night was Bonfire Night. The night in which we celebrate the possibly misguided life of a Roman Catholic who found himself hung, drawn and 'cut into four pieces' (as my daughter so nicely put it) for giving up on demoracy.

But, historical justification forgotten, it's actually the night we just have a bit of fun, burn effigies and set off fireworks.

Rochdale hasn't held an organised firework display in the town centre for a couple of years, but this year they've got some money left over as every junction in the Borough already has a mini-roundabout. So, they spent it on fireworks, Hurrah!

I hope you like the photos....

That's all folks, that really is it for today. Sorry Gaz, no bike again!


  1. Nice photies phill. I haven't tried to photograph fireworks before.

  2. Ahhh, so the fireworks are to divert attention away from the mini roundabouts then? Still better a mini roundabout than speed bumps at every junction

  3. Very good piccies indeed and your wrong as there aren't enough mini roundabouts in rochdale - about 1/3 too less if you ask me.

    Can you extend the shutter speed that camera of yours?

  4. The camera has a fantastic "fireworks cheat" setting, which does allsorts of wonderful shakey-reducing computering.

    You can extend the shutter speed though, yes, Joby, there's full manual override when needed if you have a tripod. Have used on a few night landscapes in the past.

    And AMonkey, the miniroundabouts are there to complement the existing speed bumps. Rochdale is one traffic-calmed town! Drivers are still rubbish though.

    More, higher res, photos on FB for those who are my psuedo-friends :o)

  5. Bit small arnt they!

  6. Great photos Phill. It can be really hard to get fireworks looking great, but you've captured them brilliantly!

  7. Aww cheers! Santander should've sponsored them, as the Abbey Rochdale branch features heavily! :o)