Monday, 23 November 2009

Moving on, moving up - Check your bookmarks!

Very soon, this blog will be moving... I've decided to move it to a WordPress platform and most of the work is now done.


1. Please change your bookmark if you have one, to - you won't notice any difference straight away but that will make sure you don't miss out once I move everything.

2. If you use Google Reader (as I do), go to the new pre-launch site and subscribe to the RSS feed from the big logo in the header.  You can't miss it.

3. Join Me! I've put a Google Friend Connect box on the new site, so please rejoin the blog there.

If you're here and it's past mid-December 2009, please hit this link right here.

I hope to continue the rambling, random and nonsensical nature of The Blind Leading The Blinds in future, but I feel that the Wordpress platform will make things better in many ways going forwards.

Hope to see you there!  Tell me Phill sent you!

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