Monday, 13 July 2009

Shameless Shaving Shenanigans

Shameless Shaving Shenanigans

Last week, whilst quietly getting on with my work, I was interrupted by one of the girls from upstairs carrying a package. Normally the mail doesn’t arouse much interest, but the “King Of Shaves” franking in red on the front of the lumpy envelope meant that I wasn’t going to get away with opening this package without a little unveiling.

I’d totally forgotten that I’d emailed Will King’s KoS empire a couple of weeks previously, trying my luck for a free sample of a new product they’ve released, Kinexium Shave Serum. Regular readers will have spotted me bigging up their Azor a while ago when I bought one. If not, here’s a link to that post

Needless to say, they’d once again demonstrated their ability to deliver on the Wow-factor and sent me some free product. Top marks to the King Of Shaves team!

Well? Is It Any Good?

I’ve used the oils made by King Of Shaves for a long time without any problems, so I was very sceptical about this new product. I have to admit I certainly wouldn’t have gone out and bought any. But I was so wrong.

I shaved on Saturday morning after carefully cultivating some stubble through Friday – Fridays are dress-down day at work so I usually give my chin & neck a casual day too. The shave with the new serum was the smoothest, most comfortable and quickest I’ve had in a long time! I’d publish photos but I want to keep my readers!

I have no idea what the active ingredients are (they are listed but I haven’t investigated yet), but they work. I probably won’t bother looking to see what's in the product, because why would you bother to analyse something that just works?

I’ll certainly be buying this stuff again when it runs out. I suggest you do the same, unless of course you don’t shave, in which case buy it for somebody who does!

Tell ‘em Phill sent you. Once again!


  1. I haven't tried this, but I do like the King of Shaves Azor, their one-piece plastic razor which I find better than Gillette. Except in one respect - the cartridge is so big that I can't get doing the hairs just under my nose... Too much information? But I am big fan of KoS generally.

  2. I find the same, great shave but not for trimming. I use one of those electric nose-hair trimmers now to do the awkward bits every few days: sideys, nose... Too much information? :o)

  3. Liked this a lot Phill. KoS sound like they're catching up with the service you can expect at American upscale department store chain Nordstrom where their one page employee manual reads "Rule number one: Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service.... Rule number two: I use my good judgement to ensure that happens... Rule number three: there are no other rules."

    There are unlimited and bizarre stories around the web about the truly amazing service that is offered by Nordstrom, if only more companies in the UK shared their vision instead of cutting back so much.

  4. Couldn't agree more Lee, KoS are a good example of how to do things right and win by simply being better than a well-established competitor, then communicating it effectively.
    Incidentally, my serum is still going strong after 2 months of (almost ) daily use!