Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Conference, Camping and Chins ...

Friday's conference was a success, thank goodness. Without too much detail, the day went well and there were no hitches involving laptops or presentations. The mouse was a bit lively, but infra-red mice aren't designed to be waved in the air are they? No wonder a few presentations went one slide forwards then two slides back.

A few of us tried to put Peter off with our specially mail-ordered facial hair, but his professionalism won through so we just had a quick photo taken and got on with it.

On a better note, the Easter Camping Trip has been booked and we are off to Glanllyn at Bala lake. We spent Sunday afternoon buying camping gear and now all we need is the gas bottle and we're off!

I'm sure you're excited to know how the Hurricane MkII is coming along. Well, here it is...

The guns were as fiddly as fiddly things to attach, but after a few minutes standing in the kitchen waiting for the glue to set a little, the thing was looking good. Just the painting to do, then the glasswork to glue on and it's finished. My boy has asked for a model for his birthday in a few weeks, so there should be more to come. I bet you can't wait, can you? ;o)

Shaving? Then read this bit.

On a totally different subject, I bought a new Razor last weekend. I've been impressed by the "King Of Shaves" oils for a few years, and I noticed their "Azor". The packaging is designed to save on their Carbon Footprint, and the design itself is a joy: simple, clean lines with a strong, functional blade attached. I'm happy to say that the shave I'm having is a massive improvement over my old Mach 3. So buy one, if you're a bloke. If you're a woman, buy one for your bloke. If you don't have a bloke, get one and buy him one.
King Of Shaves, Azor, tell them Phill sent you.

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  1. hi - will king here, founder of king of shaves, thanks for your post, delighted you like our azor razor, much appreciated! best wishes, will