Monday, 20 April 2009

Of Camping, Drinking & Shrinking

Anyone Remember Tesselations?

We spent a busy morning on Easter Monday cramming 3.76 Tonnes of equipment, 3 kids and 5 bikes into, onto and around a C4 Grand Picasso . Since getting the car in December last year, I've thought it was enormous. to be fair, it is when it's not taking 5 people on a camping holiday. Eventually, we set off for Bala with Free Willy on the DVD player in the back to ward off the expected "are we nearly there yet" abuse. Just over 2 hours later we arrived at Glanllyn with all 3 kids still alive, checked ourselves in and started pitching up.

(This is after we got the five bikes and rack off!)

The site's in a gorgeous setting, with Bala Lake alongside and an inlet running by the site where my son spent most of the 3 days catching minnows, using the same type of net I spent my entire childhood catching bugger all with! Kids these days, they don't know they're born!

My Alice In Wonderland Experience

Now I've never been into recreational drug use in a big way, but there was definitely something in the Hoegaarden in Wales! Is it me, or I have I shrunk here? The pen and the beer were just bought in shops in Bala, so I don't know what happened!

Model Plane Update...

If anyone's wondering, the Hurricane build didn't go to Wales with us, so watch this space for the paint job when I get time... Have a look below if you don't know what I'm blabbering on about.

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