Saturday, 24 October 2009

Quick Cycle to School and Back

Autumn Ride to Spring Hill

Today, my boy was due for a session at Spring Hill School in Rochdale, so we decided to take advantage of the unseasonally warm weather and go on our bikes.

It was only 3 and a half miles or so, there and back, but it was great to blow the cobwebs off with my son.

You can see the ride here...

As we neared home along the canalside, we saw a barge chugging up the canal so we decided to do an extra few hundred yards and take the photo-opportunity! We won't see many more of these with the shorter, colder days closing in, so it was nice little treat.

I'm hoping that we'll get plenty more little rides like this through the winter. It was great fun!


  1. That looks very cool. Major lack of canals my neck of the woods. @cimota and I are always on about booking a barge holiday, definitely our cup of tea!

  2. Well done Phillllll, I took my Ribble (road bike) along a canal yesterday, It handled very well actually, Did I every tell you/anyone I love my Ribble?

  3. We bought the house after my boy & I saw it whilst riding the canal. Obviously that wasn't the only reason, but it's so nice to be able to join it at the bottom of the street. Oddly, never been on a barge yet!
    You'll have to book that holiday and let me know how it goes... :o)

  4. Gaz, I lurve the canal riding. Basically it's so bloody easy! And we're about 20 minutes from Hollingworth Lake where the kids are happy and I can get a good brew! Nice way to start a loop or just a quick spurt there & back. I think you may have mentioned that you love your Ribble! I think I'm saving up for a new bike, but it might take a while. Maybe drag another winter out of this one first.

  5. I used to live next to a lock, was helping out the n00bs at the weekend that struggled with either the barage or the lock, was good fun, im about 2 miles away from the Maple-Ashton Canal these days

  6. Is that the narrow one that runs to Huddersfield? Fancy doing a stretch of that one weekend. Think it runs past some nature sanctuary thingy somewhere in Saddleworth. Sorry about the crap tourist info: Hardly Judith Chalmers am I? :)

  7. Thanks for the links at the bottom left of your page where noone looks :p

    And you look like Judith - just not as intelligent - sorry.

  8. Oi, people look there if they're reading your comments ;O)