Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Running - No, No Bikes: Purely Temporary

Running Amok

A little over a month ago, I received an email about a 5k run taking place this Sunday, 4th October 2009, in Heaton Park, Manchester.  The Manchester TreeAthlon is a fun run aimed at encouraging people to raise money and support the planting of more trees in and around our fair city.

Foolishly, I decided to run.  Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy cycling.  They also know how unfit I am.  In our weekly Utility Masters football matches, I'm well known for being unable to run both ways along a pitch without a decent rest!

So, on Thursday 27th September, I did my first run.  One minute running, one minute resting, 8 times:  Absolutely blimmin' knackered!

Now, one month later, I'm doing FIVE minutes running, two minutes resting, 4 times.  The difference is incredible.  After five minutes of running, I know I could do more.  My legs are in better shape than they have been for years.  I have more stamina at our weekly footy matches too (though no more skill, alas!).

This has been done without any massive effort, just regular jogs whilst increasing the time running and reducing the time resting gradually.  You can see more at MapMyRide.

In short, I've run 28 miles, over 14 nights, burning about 2,500 calories in the last month.  I've lost a few pounds in weight too, but the biggest winner has been my fitness.

Once this Sunday's run is out of the way, I'll be getting the bike out again I promise!


  1. You'd better get that bloody bike out young, sorry old man

  2. I'm not old for more than a week yet!

  3. First off, well done, now thats out of the way, WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR BIKE......???? !!!!!

    Sort it out man !!!!!

  4. OK, Ok, Ok. Actually, I'm already feeling the lack of exercise since Sunday. Must not let inertia set in. Or fatness.

  5. HUSH your mouth and turn your cranks big boy :)

  6. Received and understood big man. :)